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11 Natural Products to Pack on Your Summer Vacation

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Are you planning a last minute trip in August to enjoy the remaining days of summer?  Have you started thinking about packing? We’re often busy thinking about what clothes to bring, finding the perfect shoes, and making sure we’ve got our beach reading selected.  It’s also important to think about bringing along natural and herbal first aid, organic insect repellent, and natural body products. Be prepared for whatever summer travel might bring your way with our top picks for natural products for your summer vacation:

The Top Natural and Herbal Products For Your Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation Skincare

Toiletries and natural skincare are always included on vacation.  Grab something special to give yourself a little extra pampering on your travels.  The are our favorite natural body products to bring along for natural skincare:

Check out these lucious, handmade mini soap bars.  They’re handmade and full of herbs, essential oils and all natural oils.  At $3 a piece, they can’t be beat and are perfect for summer travel.

Mini Foot Pampering Kit

The Mini-Foot Pampering Kit is sure to revive tired feet after a long day of sightseeing.  You’ll love the peppermint essential oil in the foot scrub and following it with the lusciously thick foot cream is a treat in and of itself.  

Sacred Oils Face Serum is the ultimate in pampering and so very lovely to bring along on vacation, or for a hostess gift.  Containing rosehip oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, essential oils of rose otto, helichrysum, patchouli, myrrh, palmarosa, clary sage, jasmine and Vitamin E.  You’ll absolutely adore these deeply nourishing, holy oils.

Fun In The Sun

Get out and enjoy the sun, make sure you’re nourishing and protecting your body too.  In addition to staying hydrated, wearing hats and protective clothing, and avoiding the sun at its peak, take a look at our favorites items to have along:

Pomegranate Protection

Decrease the effects of UV rays, while moisturizing with the incredible Pomegranate Protection Face cream.  It smells amazing with essential oils like lavender, myrrh and helichrysum.

Peppermint Hydration Twist

Cool off and refresh with the Peppermint Twist  Hydration Mist. It’s handcrafted with purified water, peppermint and lime essential oil. This is one to keep in the beach bag for sure!

Stop Bugging Me!

With the ongoing threat to bees, it’s important to be extremely careful about our selections for insect repellant.   These natural and organic insect repellent products will keep the bugs away from you without harmful side effects to you or our yellow and black striped friends.

Natural Insect Repellent

Our Natural Insect Repellent is the bees knees. It’s super efficient, smells amazing and in a convenient TSA-friendly bottle size.

Insect Repellent Candle

While you’re at it, grab an Insect Repellent Candle.  These are awesome to bring along on camping trips to keep bugs away at dinner.  Or light it out on the porch of your hotel so you can enjoy the sunset from the patio without being bugged.


Safety First

Don’t get caught empty handed if a first aid situation arises.  These natural first aid products are infused with the best herbs and essential oils we can find. Plus they’ll all fit into your purse or beach bag.

Herbal First Aid

You won’t want to leave home without this over the summer, or any time of year.  This Herbal First Aid Kit is not only cute but super practical.  It contains Lavender Essential Oil, Digestive Tonic, Rescue Remedy, and Comfrey Healing Salve.  Plus there’s enough room in the container to add a few of your favorite band aids so you’re ready for any summertime injuries.

Headache Relief

This little gem has been described as “pain relief in a bottle.” It’s a synergistic blend of lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oils.  It provides headache relief when applied to temples and pressure points.


Rest Easy


Traveling is great fun, but let’s face is sometimes sleep away from home is hard to come by.  Make sure you’re able to rest easy, and give yourself some extra pampering while you’re traveling with these products-

Dream Kit

The Dream Kit contains DreamTime Tea, DreamTime Pillow Mist and Dream Balm.  You’ll find lavender essential oil, chamomile and more in this lovely kit.  It’s just the perfect size to take on vacation and rest easy.

Dream Time Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath with the Dream Time Bath. Simply add one tablespoon to your bathtub and soak away thinking about the fantastic day of vacation you’ve had before you fell into a peaceful night sleep.  No bath tub at the motel? No problem, you can also use this as a nice foot soak in the sink, or ask for a clean trash can or ice bucket to foot soak in!

Like this?  Come in and see us for one of our educational classes or book a Spa Party in Denver to try out more of our products and learn about our top faves.

Blog written by Amanda Osenga

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