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Holistic Educators, Makers and Practitioners

People in our community that we love.

Specializing in supporting adults, including other therapists, who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, performance anxiety and burnout. We work together to stop fear and hopelessness from controlling your life and begin performing with ease, reclaiming joy and confidently moving forward.
Resilience Counseling, PLLC
Sarah Wilson, LCSW
2855 Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80211

Winter Clark

Born into a lineage of intuitively gifted women, Winter learned about Spirit and energy at an early age. Between her mother's guidance on energy work and connection to Spirit, her grandmother's enthusiasm and curiosity for the unknown, she was guided and encouraged to explore her own psychic gifts as they unfolded around her, revealing a world of magic, love and possibility. Her work is focused on honoring the inner voice and heart wisdom by providing counseling and energy work on a spiritual-soul level. Her experience working with these forms of energy has enabled her to understand the connections between ourselves and Spirit, our environment and each other.

Lori Roop

Lori Roop is a clinical herbalist, a nutritionist, a craftsperson of artisan body products, a chronic illness survivor, and a wife and mom to two incredible kiddos. Lori is a self-described “foodie” and nature lover who is passionate about igniting the vitality that resides in all of us. She knows that creating a baseline of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the best foundation anyone can build. 

Lori practices Vitalism, which is a sacred belief that all things are connected and affect each other. She also believes the body has the ancient wisdom and ability to heal itself, if given the right tools. Lori’s goal is to help you find the root cause of your issues, create resilience, figure out what is most important in your life, and use the best possible tools to help you live a wonderful life.