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Denver Metro Delivery

Introducing Delivery In the Denver Metro Area! 

Delivery Areas:

Free Delivery to the below zip codes - Thursdays only (no holiday deliveries). Select delivery when checking out and it will automatically populate the free delivery. $10 minimum order. 

80219, 80204, 80203, 80218, 80206, 80220, 80246, 80224, 80209, 80223, 80236, 80110, 80210, 80113, 80121, 80222, 80033, 80215, 80214, 80226, 80232, 80227, 80235, 80123, 80120, 80122, 80111, 80237, 80014, 80112, 80231, 80247, 80012, 80230, 80010, 80238, 80207, 80205, 80211, 80212


Refill Program:

We are excited to offer refills during the delivery! Leave out your empty jars and we will fill them up! 

How to do it:

When putting in your online order, add the product you need for a refill. During the check out process, leave a comment about which product is a refill, we will bring materials necessary to refill your product.  We will then issue a refund for the refilled product based on our Refill Policy listed below. 

Refill Policy: 

  • 40% off for refillable items. Our products are refillable if you don't put your fingers into the jar.  Examples of products that are refillable include: spritzers, baths, our facial cleansers. 
  • 15% off a new fresh product when you bring us your old container. This discount applies to products which require you to put your fingers into it or the product isn't transferable.  Examples include our Facial Moisturizers, Body Scrubs, Almond Honey Exfoliant, Lip Balms. If the jar/container is not refillable, we will still give you 15% off a new product. Let us recycle the jar for you!

For more information, click here.