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Peppermint — Peppermint

Peppermint’s Powerful Effect on Circulation

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By Coco Pile Peppermint is known for its healing abilities across the world.  What makes it so popular is its diverse spectrum of healing properties that can benefit most of our body’s systems. The reason for this is because of peppermint’s unique affinity to influence blood and lymph. Many people are curious as to how peppermint is both cooling and warming. This seemingly contradicting statement actually describes its physiological action on the capillaries of our tissues. The cooling sensation is from peppermint’s strong astringent properties causing the tissues to vasoconstrict. As the cells metabolize the constituents that produced this effect,...

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Peppermint’s Wonderful Benefits on Digestion

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Peppermint’s Wonderful Benefits on Digestion  Written by Coco Pile Powerful Peppermint is popular because of the many benefits that it brings to the body. One of the greatest gifts that it can bring to our bodies is its digestive assistance. Peppermint’s carminative properties helps strengthen our digestive tracts. It tonifies the intestinal walls to improve absorption of digested material, and promote healthy peristalsis. As a digestive, it has the ability to bring the secretion of digestive juices into balance. It assists our digestive tract to either secrete more or less digestive juices to optimize or improve our digestion. Peppermint’s antispasmodic...

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