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Practical Uses of Lavender

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Practical Uses of Lavender

By Coco Pile

One of the best ways that you can benefit from lavender is simply having it around and smelling its fragrance. People around the world recognize the significance lavender’s aroma. That is why it is one of the most popular perfumes for self-care products at home like soaps, cleaners and skin care products. By merely inhaling lavender’s sof t yet bold aroma, your body’s nervous system is gently sedated to promote balance from excessive stimulation. It has been used historically to improve mental well-being by calming the nervous system in behavior patterns of anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and depression. Not only is Lavender calming to the mind, but it is also calming for the skin and soft tissues. That is why lavender is commonly used as an analgesic, or anti-pain ingredient, in body care products. Responsibly harvested lavender can have high concentrations of the ester functional group, or anti-inflammatory compounds. Using lavender infused oil or carriers with lavender essential oil over muscles and joints can relieve aching pain and soreness. Whole parts, extractions, or topical products with proper essential oil concentrations can be used on skin to reduce irritation or inflammation of the skin. One great herbal product to have at home is a lavender spray. A few spritz over burns will ease the pain, cool the heat, and promote rapid healing of the tissue. Lavender is also effective at easing digestive pains. Its gentle tonifying effects in combination with its strong anti-inflammatory properties are great for topical application over the abdomen. It doesn’t end there! Lavender is known for its benefits for circulation, glucose regulation, insect bite relief and repulsion, skin rejuvenation, and its strong antiseptic properties. There are endless herbal creations that you can make with lavender to improve your health and wellness. Have fun discovering what lavender can do for you!!!


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