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I love burdock!

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By Coco Pile

This was one of the very first herbs I learned about in Tonja’s Herb Craft Class. At first I was taken back by her dusty dirt-esque flavor. But as I started spending more time and working with burdock, I have fallen in love with her earthy sweetness! Burdock is a fantastic cleanser. That is why it is used soo much for internal “spring cleaning”. It contains properties that strengthen your liver and immune system, as well as support proper digestion and elimination of your urinary tract. All of these body systems contain functions to remove used waste materials or unusable resources from your body. These removed or eliminated substances are most commonly referred to as “toxins”. You might have heard of Burdock as a blood purifier. It does this by simply supporting the organs that filter or add to our blood circulation. When I feel boggled down, heavy, and discouraged, I think burdock! Removing the weight of water retention and toxins always makes me feel more light, motivated, and clear!

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