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Tarot: Throught the Eyes of an Artist

Tarot: Throught the Eyes of an Artist

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"Tarot Through the Eyes of an Artist" is an interactive tarot class for folks who either create and/or consume art in all its wonderful forms. Learning the 78 cards through memorization is not only a challenge, but also distances the reader from the intuitive process of understanding and connecting to the images of the Tarot. This class is designed to utilize the methods that visual artists use to communicate their take on the archetypes common to the human experience, and apply that knowledge towards learning the Tarot. This covers the Major, Minor Arcana, spreads, and a bit about the creator behind the images on the best known Tarot deck (the Rider Waite Coleman Tarot), a woman named Pamela Coleman Smith. This class is led and facilitated by Marisabel Lavastida.

Marisabel Lavastida (she/her/ella) is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Activist, and Collage Artist from Venezuela raised in Miami, FL. Marisabel now lives in Denver, CO where she has grown her Tarot business at a variety of markets and shops. Lavastida has been reading Tarot for 8 years and grew up watching her father do the same. Marisabel is passionate about education and being of service to others.



This class will be on December 15th at 6:30pm

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