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Malas and Mimosas

  • $85.00

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Feed your soul, and create a beautiful and meaningful talisman. Tap into your creative flow as you design your own 108-bead mala necklace. You will choose your own stones and customize your mala so that it tells your unique story and meets your personal needs. When we're done, you will walk away with a piece of art you can wear and always cherish.
Over time, the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes, and the more peaceful, aware, and tuned in you become. I love the idea of the mala, believing that when you use it for meditation or mindfulness, you carry those mantras and positive intentions with you. 
Space is limited.

What to Bring
Optional: a small bead or button you would like to incorporate into your necklace. If you wear readers/reading glasses, bring those too! 
What's Provided
All materials are provided (beads, thread, tassel + a guru bead), mimosas, champagne or tea. 

Instructor: Jen Pastalo
Date: October 21st
Time 11 - 2pm
cost $85

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