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Aura Photragraphy with Resplendent Rainbow **call to reserve your time**

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Aura Imaging Specialist

Aura Imaging Specialist

July 20th 2 - 6pm (call to reserve your spot 303-263-7275)


$33 photo only, $44 photo + reading, $111 couples 3 photos + reading

The Aura Cam6000, captures the bio-electromagnetic field surrounding the human body, then translates the energy into color producing a polaroid of the auric field (human energy field). The placement of color in the polaroid suggests the energy at play from the recent past, present, & near future; with focus on intention in the present moment. Aura Imaging is a great tool to gain insight on self awareness or as a fun interactive experience for groups, parties, events & celebrations.

My goal in this life is to empower, enlighten, and enrich the lives of others through the expression of energetic health. 
We get this one chance, in this one body to live this one life as true to ourselves as possible...I want to show others how to thrive not just survive.

The first time I witnessed subtle energy was about two decades ago, since then I've been on a journey of self discovery through the exploration of the quantum realm of health.

My first aura polaroid was taken 13 years ago, when I walked away with my photo in hand I knew I wanted a camera of my own one day.

I use tools that allow me to see, hear & feel what is actively present in the human energy field. I also use my trained pathways of perception to sense in and facilitate the movement of energy. 



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