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Colorado Front Range Wild Plants

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The ultimate, easy-to-use field guide for Front Range hikers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Easily identify local wild flora - no internet access required.
  • Lightweight (under 7 oz).
  • Fits neatly into a pocket or pack.
  • Over 350 color photos on high-gloss paper.


Flowers get the most attention, but this guide also includes trees, shrubs, grasses, mushrooms, lichens, berries, and even a handful of butterflies and other insects. Because plants change throughout the seasons, the guide includes spring buds, fall colors, and fluffy seed heads to help with identification.


The guide is organized by color, plant type, and shape, with leaf shape icons. Descriptions are geared to amateur naturalists. The Table of Contents and Index are useful tools.


About Cindy Wolf

“I self-published this book because I always wanted a lightweight wild plants guide that focused on the area where I spend most of my time. I moved to the Colorado Front Range (the Southern Rocky Mountains and environs from Casper, Wyoming to Pueblo, Colorado) in 1981, and have been photographing wildflowers here ever since. The pandemic enabled me to spend more time outdoors with family and friends, and gave me the time to photograph, research, and make this guide.”

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