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Womb Moon Circle (new moon)

Womb Moon Circle (new moon)

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MoonDance Botanicals is collaborating with Liberate Pelvic Health to offer Womb Moon Circles.  Join us for the New Moon Circle on November 22nd to connect with community while nurturing yourself and your womb.

Open to anyone who identifies as a woman or embodies a womb. 

Connecting with plants, honoring cycles, and gathering as women were the primary grounds for persecution during the Salem Witch Trials.  What better way to honor this time of waving the darkness, than to come together under the energy of the new moon and ground our wombs.  Coming together in community is a fundamental way we can reclaim divine feminine balance and is essential for hormonal reset.  In fact the research even shows that meaningful female connections increase serotonin and oxytocin bonding hormones which support overall health.

The New moon is a time for us to look inward, reflect and make new plans, Let's connect our bodies and mind during this powerful time. We will sit in circle, connect our bodies with the rhythm of the moon, drink tea and create a ritual candle.  

Dates: New moon class November 22nd at 6:30pm

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