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Wild Moon - Living with our cycle and the Moon

Wild Moon - Living with our cycle and the Moon

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We exist in a web of concentric and overlapping cycles - from the ebbs and flows of daily light and energy, to the broad-sweeping phases of an individual’s life. We continually move through the seasons of the annual solar cycle, just as we navigate the more rapid monthly changes of our moon. Those with a menstrual cycle have the additional opportunity to experience this cyclical nature within their own bodies. Join Wild Moon Integrative Therapies for this complimentary workshop on cyclical living, the lunar month, hormonal shifts, and what they mean for you.

Class Taught By: Cynthia St. Clair
Available Spots: 13
Class Date: Sunday August 5th
Class Time: 1-2 pm 
Cost: FREE
Reserve your spot by purchasing through this product page or by calling the Shop: 303-263-7275


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