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MoonDance Man Kit

  • $23.00

This is the perfect gift for the man in your life - full of products to bring a smile to his face.

MoonDance Man Kit
.5 oz Bushy Beard Oil
2 oz Coffee Buzz Body Scrub
1/4 oz Comfrey Salve


Along with our MoonDance Man Kit, you have the option of including a love poem for your special someone. Select a love poem below. Each poem is included on a 2 x 2 frosted paper.

Poem Options:

His Smile.

His Eyes.

His Voice.

His Laugh.

His Warmth.

His Existence.


Author Unknown

I got lost in him, and it’s the kind of lost that is exactly like being found.

Claire Lazebnik

I just want to lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat.

Author Unknown

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