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Heartfull Healing Academy Part 2

Heartfull Healing Academy Part 2

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This workshop series is for the budding intuitives, the empathic folks, seekers of magick, embracers of mystery and those who would like to be able to navigate their world with more flow and ease. These courses work as a intuitive toolkit, helping you rediscover your magic, begin to understand the multidimensional layers of the world around you and support you in creating the life you want most in a heartful and resonant way. Your inner guidance system will become clearer, allowing you to shine your light with confidence and embrace the gift of who you truly are in this world. $88 for the series.

The topics we'll be covering are:

Lunar Visioning: Understanding the lunar cycles and how their energy can be used to benefit our healing process through release and focused intention. We’ll go through the four main phases of the moon: New moon, 1st quarter, Full moon, 2nd quarter, as well as how the zodiac signs affect the phase that the moon is in.

Divination: Pendulums and Advanced Tarot Flow (for those who have already taken the Tarot series) We’ll introduce pendulums and how to use them for questions. For semi-experienced Tarot self-readers, there will be some advanced layouts using environmental energies and begin doing readings for others

Conscious Dreaming: We’ll discuss the different types of dreams (lucid, subconscious, and astral travel), ways to access them, how to tell the difference between them and how they can assist us in finding and processing information for personal healing and growth.

Psychic Play: An introduction to using your intuition in the form of a psychic reading. Ideal for those who have been reading Tarot cards on a semi-regular basis and also work with Conscious Dreaming. This class will be working with energy, the five senses and how to use the third eye sight to see visions.

(Suggested prerequisite - HHA Series Part 1 (Fall/Winter), available online at for 15% off with code from instructor Winter Clark at


Class Taught By: Winter Clark
Available Spots: 13
Class Dates:  March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 

Class Time: 6:30 - 8pm
Cost: $88 for the series.
Reserve your spot by purchasing through this product page or by calling the Shop: 303-263-7275

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