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Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $18.00

Our Custom Aromatherapy Diffusers allow you to customize both the scent and the look of the diffuser. A perfect gift or treat for yourself!

How to start!

  • Choose either 2 floral reeds (Round Floral Ball Reed or Floral Reed) or 1 rose diffuser
  • 1 bundle of curly diffusers
  • 1 glass bottle

Next: Choose your scent!

  • Specialty MoonDance Blends: Love, Meditate, House Blessing, Tranquil Forest
  • Single Essential Oil Note: Lavender, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemongrass

Diffuser packages $18 Or Purchase Individually:

  • Floral diffusers $2 each (Round Ball Floral Reed or Floral Reed)
  • Curly diffusers $2 a bundle
  • Rose diffuser $4 each
  • Glass bottle $5 each

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