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EmBodied LOVE: infuse your life with love!

EmBodied LOVE: infuse your life with love!

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This workshop is the perfect support tool for healing from past and current relationships, processing emotions and rebuilding from the inside get back to your authentic divine self!

This self-love workshop is designed to help you create more love by enriching your inner relationship, creating a supportive and nurturing environment and ultimately attracting more love to you! We’ll be covering all four phases in one evening and you’ll also be receiving helpful bonus tools: a guide to clear out old relationship energy as well as a recorded grounding meditation to keep your vibration high. 

What we’ll be covering:

1 - Clean the Castle (getting rid of the old to make room for the new)

2 - The Hermit and the Temple (going within to reflect and rebuild)

3 - The Chalice (the importance of filling your cup / putting your heart first + what that might look like for you)

4 - Empress Yourself (getting back out into the world as your whole authentic self)

Put yourself first for Valentine’s Day! 


Class Taught By: Winter Clark
Available Spots: 13
Class Date: Tuesday February 12th
Class Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
Cost: $44 
Reserve your spot by purchasing through this product page or by calling the Shop: 303-263-7275

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