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Readings and Reiki with Winter!

Readings and Reiki with Winter!

  • $25.00

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Winter offers Intuitive Readings (both Channeled Tarot + Psychic), Usui Reiki and Intuitive Soul Guidance Counseling on Mondays and Wednesdays at Moondance Botanicals from 12-6pm:

Channeled Tarot and Psychic readings - 20 minutes for $25, 30 minutes for $37.50, 60 minutes for $75


Usui Reiki (30 minutes / $40, 60 minutes / $75)

This energy work session uses the system of Usui Reiki to bring the physical, emotional and energetic body back into balance. Gentle, soothing and relaxing, this session can facilitate healing at a cellular level as it works with the body’s immune and energetic systems.


Intuitive Soul Guidance Counseling (approx 120 minutes) $123

This energy work session includes an in-depth reading to bring insight to specific areas of your life followed by Divine Light Energy Work which uses a crystal grid, chakra balancing and channeling of divine feminine energies to bring the etheric and emotional body back to a state of equilibrium and facilitates mental clarity. Messages channeled during the energy work session are shared with the client after the session, as well as any self-care recommendations and helpful tools for next steps.


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