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Personal Spa Parties

Announcing Spa Parties in Your Space - Launching May 1st

Bring our amazing Botanical Spa Parties (Facial, Foot Pampering and Fairy parties) to your home or office. 

We will bring all the products and related items to the party including bowls, wash cloths, towels, hair ties, fairy cards and our amazing products.  Note - we will not bring food or wine for the parties. Our knowledgable spa party leaders will walk you through each products, the benefits and ingredients, similar to our traditional parties.  You can anticipate it will last roughly 60 - 90 minutes depending on the size of the party.  We will bring additional products for refill discounts to continue our Sustainability program. 


Here is what each party would include: 


De-stress your mind and nourish your skin with an eight step (self-applied) facial including a seasonal fresh mask and a luscious botanical steam.

  • Exfoliation
  • Steam
  • Masks
  • Spritzes
  • Spot Treatment
  • Hydration
  • Lip Care


Indulge your tootsies in a four step pampering including an exfoliating herbal scrub, a customized foot mask and a guided self-massage.

  • Soak
  • Exfoliation
  • Mask
  • Hydration



We are passionate about infusing love, light and magic into our lives. All parties are customized to the specific age group. Make 4 of the following 6 items:

  • Sparkly Lip Balm,
  • Magic Wand,
  • Flower Bath Soak
  • Fairy Spritzer
  • Aromatherapy Perfume
  • Wish Box

Sparkly drinks, cheese, crackers served for the kids. For ages 5+



Let’s infuse love, light and magic into our lives while engaging our creative side. Create 3 of the following 5 items:

  • Sparkly Lip Balm
  • Flower Bath Soak
  • Fairy Spritzer, Aromatherapy
  • Perfume
  • Fairy Scrub


$22 per person, minimum of 4 people (or $100 minimum for the party), plus $25 travel fee.